Why to buy HONmove desk frame?

  • Should functionality, bespoke customer solution or price be a priority for you, we are able to meet your demands.
  • A highly-developed table construction with a simple and fast assembly.
  • An easy adjustment of table width according to the space available.
  • Sturdy frame construction even at the highest desk position.
  • The safety use guaranteed by the anticollision system.
  • All delivered in a compact and solid package.
  • All products made in the Czech Republic, except for some components made in EU.

Why to use height adjustable desk?

  • Height-adjustable desk supports a healthy lifestyle by enabling a human body to move while working at the office desk.
  • With height-adjustable desk you can choose the best positions for your body.
  • A height-adjustable desk makes sure you are working in a comfortable position each moment of your working day.
  • Just press the button and your office desk will change its position immediately . You can see things in a different way and your head may get some different point of view.
  • A height-adjustable desk gives you the possibility to have a group discussion at a comfort of your working desk.